About Us

The One Sweet Moment Difference!

These are the tried and true methods that have driven our family owned and operated business since 1993!

We have over 150 all-premium flavors.

We were the first (and, to our knowledge, still the only) snowball stand in the area to offer both shaved and crushed ice. Shaved ice (original ice) is soft like snow and absorbs flavor to make a delicious dessert. Crushed ice, however, is a Baltimore tradition that many still love.

We have our own secret recipe for cream, a delicious addition to almost any sweet snowball flavor. Many snowball stands have a variant of cream, but it is often no more than evaporated milk. Our cream recipe was created by the OSM owner and has been carefully honed to perfection.

We offer Hershey’s Ice Cream, both in our snowballs and in individual scoops. Hershey is known for delicious, quality ice cream and their flavors compliment the snowball flavors beautifully.

Our marshmallow does not harden whether served on top or on the bottom of a snowball.

We don’t charge extra for “premium flavors”. Many snowball stands have extended menus of “premium flavors” that they charge extra for, but ALL of our flavors are premium. Also, our Specialty Flavors are available for no additional cost and our customers can mix any two Regular Flavors for free.

At One Sweet Moment, we are constantly striving to offer the best possible product and are constantly coming up with new innovations to better serve our customers. If you see something we’ve been missing, please feel free to visit our Contact Us page and drop us a line, we would love to hear from you!